Food Education Committee awards $2500 in school garden grants to Washington County Schools

On March 9th the CVFSC’s Food Education Committee will be awarding $2500 in grants to 8 schools in Washington County.  The grants will support the creation or expansion of school garden infrastructure and curriculum. 

A couple of  outstanding projects include:

Crosset Brook Middle School will be installing 3 new raised beds (4’x 15’x 12” each) and a three-bin compost system.  Representatives from Crosset Brook Middle School explain, “A garden..will provide fresh, local and organic vegetables and herbs to our cafeteria.  [Additionally,] it will allow our students to have an awareness of the complete food cycle (i.e. seed, plant, harvest, cook, eat, compost, seed).”

Harwood Union High School (HUHS) is recieveing funds to build, plant, and maintain a 110 square foot storage potato garden.  “The Project will be the basis for a new high school level agricultural science unit, earning students an agricultural science credit.  The harvested potatoes [will] be utilized in the HUHS Food Service Program to be included in the daily salad bar and Localvore lunches,” says a HUHS representative.

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