Showdown over GMO labeling looms in California election

The proponents of GMO labeling have reached a milestone in getting a measure onto California’s ballot which, if approved, will require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food and prohibit the advertising of such foods as “natural.” Since they were first introduced into our food supply in the mid-1990s, GMOs have been a subject of considerable controversy. While Europe has been very active in mandating GMO labeling in recent years, such action has yet to be taken in the United States. California Proposition 37, however, marks the first time in which a state may require GMO labeling. Because of California’s sheer size, Prop 37, if passed, might have an impact on food labeling in the United States as a whole, including here in Vermont. Despite the measure garnering support from a number of consumer interest groups, the agribusiness and food industry has already spent a enormous sum, upwards of $25 million, to defeat Prop 37. This article gives a good breakdown on the power players involved in this battle:

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