Civil Eats profiles Vermont’s local food progress

In an article you’ve probably seen bouncing around social media, Civil Eats took a look at the work that Vermont lawmakers, nonprofits, and activist have done in the past ten years to increase locally produced and consumed food.

While the article lauds the state’s many farmers’ markets and farms shares – 42 direct-to-consumer market places per 100,000 Vermonters! – focus is also given to the willingness of local officials to participate in these efforts. For example, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund’s Farm to Plate program includes representatives from 13 state agencies, and lawmakers from Vermont routinely introduce bills that support smaller-scale farmers and food producers.

In short: “Over the last decade, Vermont’s lawmakers, businesses, farmers, and schools have done more to re-localize its food system that any other state, bar none.”

We’ll take it. Now, let’s continue the good work!

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