The Central Vermont Food Systems Council was formed in 2008 as an offshoot of the enVision Montpelier process. Its goal: to cultivate Central Vermont’s sustainable food system through a collaborative community-based organization. At the outset, the Council had a central steering committee, along with several committees, focusing on issues such as agricultural policy & economics; farming & growers; processing, storage & distribution; food buying systems; food currency; food education; households & consumers; and food justice.

The CVFSC has grown and contracted and grown again, absorbing transitions in leadership and structure. Despite all variability, the Council has made some major strides towards food systems awareness realizing a more equitable and just food system.  Several of the committees have spearheaded projects, with the primary aim of collecting baseline data to compare and contrast with our current work towards food security for all.

Notably, the food education committee, spearheaded by Tom Sabo, a teacher at Montpelier High School, and Lyndon Virkler, chef and professor at NECI, were instrumental in organizing the Growing Local Festival and creating the “Garden in Every Washington County School” project. With critical help from AmeriCorps VISTA members serving with enVision Montpelier, the organization of the Growing Local Festivals raised upwards of $8,000 that sponsored grants for gardens in Washington County schools. In 2014, with additional help from a partnership with the Vermont Department of Health, the Council happily noted that all public schools had a functioning teaching garden! The CVFSC celebrated this first milestone in the “Garden in Every Washington County School” project on October 29th, 2014 along with teachers, students, food service providers and Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe.

The Council began 2015 with a newly renewed partnership with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission, new partnerships with the Vermont State Health Dept. and Central Vermont New Directions, and continued support from AmeriCorps VISTA members.

Focus Areas

I. Food Education

  • Food access and security
  • School gardens
  • Community awareness
  • Quarterly events

II. Policy & Planning

  • Food systems
  • Town food plans
  • Community Engagement & Development
  • Mapping

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Questions about the Central Vermont Food Systems Council?

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