Food Plans

Like air, water, and shelter, food is essential for life and plays a central role in our health, economy, and culture.  The food system (the production, transformation, distribution, access, and consumption of food and the associated waste) greatly impacts the overall public, environmental, and economic health of a community.  The presence or absence of a local and regional functioning food system greatly influences the availability of nutritious, affordable food in a community.  Planners have the potential to play a significant role in community food systems planning which is a collaborative planning process of developing and implementing local and regional land use, economic development, public health, and environmental goals, programs and policies that contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of local food systems. Click here for more information.

The Central Vermont Food Systems Council hosted and event in February 2015 in partnership with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission, the Vermont Department of Health, and Central Vermont New Directions Coalition.


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