School Gardens

The role of a local food system in the availability of nutritious, affordable food in a community cannot be understated. The CVFSC sees education as a valuable tool for establishing a community understanding of local food systems. Since most  children get at least one meal at school, schools have the potential to provide healthy, local food and build an awareness of where food comes from. Over the past eight years, CVFSC, in partnership with the Vermont Department of Health, has worked with schools to develop universal access to food producing gardens at schools. Last Fall, we were excited to announce that every school in Washington County had a functioning garden! Going forward, CVFSC aims to provide assistance and education to school garden coordinators to build curriculum around school gardens.

2014 Washington County school gardens

Barre City Elementary and Middle:

Barre Town Middle and Elementary:

Berlin Elementary:


Calais Elementary:

Crossett Brook Middle:

Doty Memorial:

East Montpelier Elementary and Middle:

Fayston Elementary:

Harwood Middle and High:

Main Street Middle:

Moretown Elementary:

Northfield Elementary:

Northfield Middle and High:

Orange Center:

Roxbury Elementary:

Rumney Memorial:

Spaulding High:

Twinfield Union:


Union Elementary:

Warren Elementary:

Washington Village:

Woodbury Elementary:

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